18 year old Angel Locsin reveals herself in an ‘I’ opening questionnaire tweeted by a long time fan!

We love it when celebrities get real in interviews and on social media. Their stories, honest posts and remarks can make us laugh and feel things like we're not alone in the struggle and that we share the same thoughts, dreams and sentiments. There are celebrities who have built an entire career off raw honesty, and we're usually all about it.

One of the most honest celebs out there is our real-life Darna, Angel Locsin. It is unarguable and if you’re a top fan, you prolly know some honest TMIs (too much information) about her that she doesn’t usually share on-cam. Some of them were shared a long time ago and only an avid fan like Twitter user @TwinniePanini knows about.

On a tweet shared by @TwinniePanini, an 18 year old Angel Locsin reveals herself in an ‘I’ opening questionnaire. It looks like a page from an old magazine with a picture of her when she’s still playing the role of ‘Charley’ in Click (2003), Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network. “Fan na ako noon pa. ❤️ Found this while cleaning up old school boxes. I love you, @143redangel!,” the fan said.

Angel gamely and honestly answered the questionnaire and it reads:

I am: outgoing, lovable, and understanding.
I think: i’m in love... Ha, ha, ha!
I know: what I want.
I want: to be successful.
I have pets — a monkey and a cat.
I wish: I could be an action star like Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

I feel: happy to have a career.
I love: secret... ü Things I love are traveling, my AVIA rubber shoes, Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana cologne.
I hate: nasty backstabbers, false publicity, and waking up early.
I fear: flying roaches, prank texters, and people with bad intentions.
I hear: the sound of music.
I search: for true friends.

I regret: not being able to study.
I always crave for: chocolates, ice cream, and squid balls.
I always: pray before sleeping.
I never: smoke nor drink hard liquor. ü
I am not: punctual.
I cannot: fly, drive, and wash my clothes (due to my schedule).
I fight: back when I’m provoked.
I confuse: myself sometimes.
I need: to get more sleep.

I dance: hip-hop.
I sing: in the bathroom.
I cry: when I’m sad and when I have to, during tapings.
I should: be humble all the time.
I am happy: when I’m praised for a job well done!
I am currently: putting on make-up, dressing up and having a pictorial.

18 years later, we can say, she’s still the same person she’s always been.

Source: Twitter


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