Angel Locsin receives Most Admired Celebrity Award at RAWR Awards 2020!

Since her teenage years, Angel Locsin has been making a buck or two as an extra in some films, special appearances in commercial ads and some music videos until she was given a chance to showcase her talent as Mulawin's lead actress which introduced her to wider audience. Since then, she became a household name and one project after the other, proving her talent over and over again, she became one of the most well-known and most accomplished actresses in the biz.

Angel Locsin became one of the most loved personalities in the industry not only because of her overall loveable demeanor, charm, appeal and impeccable acting skills, she is also well-loved because of her character.

Over the years, she has shown courage and compassion that people laud her for. She has initiated countless of charity events, humanitarian efforts and relief operations for the benefits of those who have been affected by calamities man-made or natural.

She has been recognized for her benevolence by different organizations locally and internationally! She also has inspired other people to speak-up and use their platform to express their opinion by setting an example and bravely speak-out especially at times when people needed a loud voice to amplify theirs.

An inspiration, game changer, and a voice for others; these and a lot more is why Angel Locsin is one of the most admired if not the most admired celebrities in the country. In fact just recently, LionHearTV's RAWR Awards declared Angel Locsin as the Most admired celebrity of the year alongside Dingdong Dantes. This special award honors her impact and contribution while we combat the pandemic.

These past few months, the actress made headlines online and in micro-blogging sites because of the projects she spearheaded amid the pandemic and how she stand-up for her network amid its franchise renewal.

Congratulations Angel! We are proud of you!

Source: Twitter


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