Beyond the Limelight: Angel Locsin on the cover of Tatler’s first Asia’s most influential list December issue!

Merriam-webster dictionary defines influence as the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. “Influencer”, which is vastly used by millenials defines a public figure who have a massive amount of followers and has claimed their spotlight mostly on social media and digitl platforms.

Quantitatively, we can easily identify who’s the most influential among these influencers based on the number of their followers but measuring their impact and how they actually influenced people, that’s a whole new story.

Angel Locsin, one of the most well-known personalities in the country managed to amplify her influence on TV and on social media. From reigning movies and TV before the rise of social media, the actress widen her reach through social media inspiring other people to help others and follow her example. Apart from mobilizing help at times of distress, the actress also fearlessly shares her thoughts about sensitive matters no matter what naysayers would say.

Acknowledging how she uses her influence and how she inspires change, Tatler Philippines salute Angel Locsin for her selflessness and dedication to make this world a better place as she graces the cover of their December 2020 issue! This issue highlights 100 individuals across Asia who are impacting change and making a difference through their philanthropies and advocacies with which Angel Locsin fits right in!

For the past decade, Angel Locsin has inspired many to help others just by doing her part in helping people. She’s someone people look up to, she was never proud and boastful of her humanitarian efforts but her genuine concern and compassion to people never fail to inspire others which makes her the best person to grace this inaugural edition!

Source: Instagram


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