Angel Locsin, hailed as the Heroic Creator of the Year!

What really is a hero? Pop culture portrayed heroes mostly as someone who can be considered as “super”, someone with supernatural abitlities such as flying or a supernatural strength. The existence of people with superhuman abilities has not yet proven but real-life heroes do exist — people who have enough courage to stand up not just for themselves but also for others, someone who goes out of their way to help others just like Angel Locsin, who, most of the times is referred to as the real-life Darna.

For the past decade, Angel Locsin has lend her helping hand to people who are in the midst of crisis. She’s always one of the first few ones to make a move and travel to far-flung areas to offer her assistance through her relief efforts.

In the midst of the pandemic, the actress mobilizes her resources to gather funds to help hospitals who are then operating in full or over capacity to have more space through #UniTENTweStandPH campaign.

The actress also doesn’t stop showing everyone how one should stand up for themselves and speak their minds voicing her opinions about sensitive matter even at the expense of making herself vulnerable to naysayers and trolls in the internet.

Angel Locsin is heroic that way that’s why just recently, she’s once again recognized for her outstanding courage and benevolence and was hailed as the Heroic Creator of the year by the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines which is just one of the few recognitions the actress received for her tireless pursuit of making other people’s lives better.

Congratulations Angel! We are so proud of you!

Source: Instagram


  1. HAi ate angel ilove you and merry Christmas God Bless ilove you so much mwah2


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