#NoToRedTagging: Angel Locsin sets the record straight about accusations linking her to NPA.

Long before social media became a big thing and before every move a public figure makes gets posted, publicize and trend on various social media platforms, Angel Locsin have long been a supporter of various causes especially that of protecting and fighting for women's right.

Angel Locsin is someone who is not afraid of speaking her mind whenever a voice as loud as hers is needed. But speaking out about matters that tend to have opposing sides make her a subject of bashing and naysayers are relentlessly attacking her and worst, red tagging her. Luckily, Angel Locsin is not someone who easily backs down, no matter how harsh or how outrageous the allegations thrown at her, she never lose her conviction of fighting for what she believe is right.

Just recently, the actress was once again accused and red tagged as part of NPA by a military official. The actress did not let this past and on her Instagram account, she set the record straight and clarified that she is not a part of NPA nor her sister nor her kuya Neri.

"To set the record straight, hindi po ako parte ng NPA or any terrorist group. Neither my sister nor my kuya Neri is a part of the NPA or any terrorist group" the actress wrote.

The actress defended her right and everybody's right to speak out and the freewill to exercise those rights "We live in a country where our freedom to speak and express ourselves are enshrined and protected by the Constitution. May paniniwala ako, may paniniwala sila, may paniniwala ka. At sa ilalim ng Consitution, pareho tayong mayroong karapatan sa ating mga sariling paniniwala. Kung mag kaiba tayo, hindi ibig sabihin pwede mo na ako i-red tag. Hindi tayo magkakalaban dito. Hindi rin ako "red". Magkaiba lang tayo ng paniniwala."

The actress also appealed to the authorities to take action on the blatant red tagging that's happening to anyone who bravely speak their truth like Liza Soberano and Catriona Grey.

"Nanawagan po ako sa kinauukulan, na itama po ang mali na ito. Tigilan na po ang red tagging. The statement made is utterly false and places ordinary citizens like us, those who they swore to protect, in danger.

I am also appealing to everyone to express support for those being red-tagged like Liza Soberano, Catriona Grey, and all the others just because they are expressing their beliefs peacefully"

Source: Instagram


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