Nanay Gay and son Reggie share how being featured on Iba Yan helped them gain more sponsors for their food drive!

On August 23, 2020, we are blessed to see Nanay Gay's story and how she mobilize Heaven's Touch Cuisine to serve people in need. Together with her children, Nanay Gay cooked tirelessly and gave food for free to the frontliners, people on the street, and locally stranded individuals who are facing challenges because of the pandemic.

On the said episode, Iba Yan gifted Nanay Gay things that can aid their food drive. They gave them kitchenware, sacks of rice, bottled water, and more which they are very thankful for. Aside from that, their food drive became known to public and many have reached out to them to support their initiative since. On Iba Yan's 17th episode, Nanay Gay and her son Reggie gave an update on how things have changed since their story was featured on the show.

"Thankful kami sa Iba Yan kasi nga hindi naman namin maabot yung ganong karaming tao na matutulungan kung hindi dahil sa kanila." says Reggie

On the same episode, it was revealed that Erwan Heusaff have donated 300,000 pesos to Heaven's Touch Cuisine even before their story got featured on Iba Yan.

"I think what drew me towards Heaven's Touch is that they were very active already. They didn't have the huge following or anything but they have a very active community."

Nanay Gay promised to continue helping others as much as they can and said "Hanggat abot ng makakayanan naming tumulong, tutulong kami."

The pandemic has brought upon challenges to everyone. To say that these past few days is hard is an understatement but stories like that of Nanay Gay prove that we can do more together than we can do alone.

Source: Twitter

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