"It's time to speak-up and help others; Watch me inspire change" Angel Locsin on Avon's #WatchMeNow campaign!

Angel Locsin has been one of Avon's ambassadors for 16 years now. She has had her own line of perfume, designed bags in collaboration with Avon Fashions and has been the face of Avon True Make-up. Aside from representing their products, Angel Locsin joins Avon in their campaign and advocacies like Pink Minute, #TimetoReflect, and now, Avon's #WatchMeNow campaign.

Bolder, more innovative, and much more inclusive, that is what Avon is today. Through their #WathMeNow campaign, Avon highlights their bolder tone of voice, its activism among others and there's no one better than the likes of Angel Locsin who always stand her ground and is not afraid to speak-out about social issues to represent this campaign. She is the real-life hero we all need, someone who never backs down amid bashers and trolls, someone who always fight for what she believe is right, and someone who inspires others.

On her Instagram account, the actress shared a short video about Avon's #WatchMeNow campaign featuring strong and empowered individuals like herself, Dr. Gia Sison, BJ Pascual, Daniel Matsunaga, Agatha Wong, and Maricar Abrigonda with the caption the reads:


This is the time when we must come together and support each other to overcome the challenges that come our way. Life is all about the journey and the learning. Thank you @avonph for changing so many lives for the better and for this inspiring #WatchMeNow campaign.

Happy and proud to be part of the Avon family for 16 years and counting."

The time is now, speak-up and help others the best way you can just like Angel Locsin, the Darna we've all been looking up to.

Source: Instagram

Watch it here:


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