Imortal starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz premiered 10 years ago!

In 2008, Angel Locsin was introduced to Kapamilya audience as Lyka Ortega, the "Huling Bantay" in the hit series 'Lobo'. Her impeccable performance has earned her an International Emmy nomination as Best Lead Actress and the show's undeniable success has led to two more installments: Imortal and La Luna Sangre!

Ten years ago, Imortal, the second installment of the moonstone trilogy premiered. After witnessing the love story of Lyka and Noah, Mateo and Lia's once again proved that true love exists. They both fought for each other against all odds even against each other just to have the best ending that they deserve.

What Mateo and Lia have is a love that's not fleeting and their love for each other and their family is also one of the reasons why Malia triumphed in her own fight in La Luna Sangre. Imortal is such an iconic teleserye and as the name suggests, its story lives on and will never be forgotten it is immortal.

Angel Locsin has had the most diverse roles amongst her contemporaries. I guess it is safe to say that she's done it all; she fought the bad guys as a superhero, became a wizard, a treasure hunter, a half-human half-bird creature, and transformed into a werewolf all of which amassed a massive success!

And just like Imortal, most if not all of Angel Locsin's shows has made their own mark in the country. Her impact on Filipino audience has been proven one project after the other, she is a household name, an icon.

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