Angela and Ralph, visually impaired mother and son that was featured in Iba Yan last July 19 undergo eye surgery!

It was last July 19 when Angel Locsin visited Michael, Angela and Ralph, a family who have visual impairment and one of the Blessed to Bless beneficiaries. Michael and Angela make a living to support their four children as massage therapists until the pandemic happened.

Michael and Angela shared their stories and how they find true love in each other. They also shared their struggles living a life visually impaired. They shared how the pandemic affected their livelihood and how they championed this challenged and instead became more creative and found ways to earn a living and use the money they received from SAP to start their own fruit cart.

We first saw their story on Iba Yan's 6th episode and we also saw how Iba Yan and Angel Locsin became a beacon of hope for this family. Through the help of Iba Yan, they had their eyes checked at the Asian Eye Institute and after a favorable result, they are off to an eye operation to be paid in full by Frontrow cares and on September 9, Angela and Ralph underwent an eye surgery.

Dr. Amadeo A. Veloso Jr. explained in detail the operations performed to Angela and Ralph. It was a successful operation and Angela and Ralph can now see the light that they've been yearning to see before.

Nanay Angela expressed her heartfelt gratitude to team Iba Yan, to Angel Locsin. and to everyone who made this possible.

"Sa mga tao po na tumulong sa pamilya namin, sa team Iba Yan po na dumating po kayo sa pamilya namin, maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyo" she said.

They are still recuperating and adjusting with their new life but this sure is a start to a brighter future for their family especially for Ralph.

Source: ABS-CBN

Watch the full episode here:

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