Angel Locsin revisits the stories featured in Iba Yan and shares how their life have changed since.

For 16 weeks, Iba Yan has shared inspiring and heartwarming stories of Filipinos amid the pandemic. We have seen their struggles and their ways of coping to these challenges and for Iba Yan's 17th episode, they look back to the stories they shared for the past weeks and shared how being featured in the show has helped them in this time of crisis.

On its 13th episode, Iba Yan replicated Atty. Marvin Aceron and his wife's Bread of Salt initiative. The team hired two Pandesal Heroes, Renz and Jane who will supply pandesal to more than 100 families daily. This episode inspired people to help and replicate Bread of Salt initiative. Renz and Jane also take pride in how their respective businesses boomed after taking part in this initiative.

On the same episode, we also had the privilege to look into Alonzo family whose most members of the families are visually impaired. Angela and Ralph Alonzo underwent surgery since the airing of their episode and are now on their way to recovery.

Another story that inspired everyone to help the best way they can is Nanay Gay's story and her initiative. Nanay Gay together with her children launched a food drive to help frontliners and after giving their story a platform to be heard, pledges and donations poured in! Erwan Heusaff, one of the most successful influencer reached out and donated 300,000 pesos to support their cause.

Finally, Rebecca "Mama Becks" Angeles talks about the positive effects of Wipe Every Tear’s exposure on TV to its beneficiaries.

It has been a great run for Iba Yan for its past 17 episodes and it is just so nice to know that these people who bravely shared their stories found a beacon of hope and were able to rise above the challenges the pandemic has brought upon through the help of Iba Yan.

Source: ABS-CBN

Watch the full episode here:

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