Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan surprise Ate Vilma with business starter package and more!

Last Sunday on Iba Yan, Angel Locsin explored the world of plantitos and plantitas starting with Fr. Ponpon's story and his amazing talent in farming and the urban garden he started in his parish. Father Ponpon gave Angel Locsin a tour around the garden and shared his experience in farming and his goals and aspirations for the community. Aside from cultivating the urban garden in his Parish, Fr. Ponpon also shares his knowledge in farming to other people in the community through a webinar.

Vilma Aguillon, one of Fr. Ponpon's students who finished his course in urban farming shared her knowledge in farming and her heartwarming story on this episode.

After losing her husband, Ate Vilma persevered and did everything to provide for her family. She roamed the streets of her community selling snacks to the neighborhood. Apart from her small business, Ate Vilma made use of her time in this time of pandemic growing her own garden and applying everything that she's learned from Fr. Ponpon.

"Ang naging benepisyo ko sa pagtatanim ng gulay, nalibang ako, nakalimutan ko ang mga problema kong malaki, naging masaya ako sa pagtatanim."

Because of Ate Vilma's perseverance and her inspiring story, Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan deemed it necessary to hand her a small gift that will help her and her family. Team Iba Yan surprised Ate Vilma with free eye check-up and new eye glasses, foam, ligtas bags, tablet and pocket wi-fi, business starter package which includes kiosk, cooking tools, burner gas stove, steamer, and raw ingredients!

Source: Twitter

Watch the full episode her:


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