Angel Locsin and Neil Arce talk about how their perception about getting married and having kids changed.

For the past few years, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce chose to keep their relationship in the lowlight. They rarely talk about their relationship on their interviews and are only giving few updates about their love life not until they decided to join the vlogging community.

On their vlog, the couple talked about their relationship and their journey from being just friends to lovers. They shared some tips for people who would want to get past the friendzone just like they do.

While sharing some tips that worked for them, the couple also talked about their personal experience and shared things that changed now that they are in a relationship and set to tie the knot compared to when they are still friends like their thoughts on marriage and having kids.

Angel Locsin shared that Neil Arce did not want to get married and have kids back when they are still friends and when they decided to take their relationship up notch, they talk it out as friends and respect each other's decision which obviously changed now that they are engaged to be married. November last year, Neil and Angel are set to tie the knot but because of the pandemic, they had to reschedule early this year.

There are a lot of insights you can get from Neil and Angel's vlog. Their tips from those who are stuck in friendzone is based on their personal experience and it worked! Watch their vlog and if you're experiencing the same, their vlog would definitely be of great help! Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment on their channel.

Source: Youtube

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