Unsung heroes na mga stuntmen at stuntwomen sa likod ng camera bibida sa Iba Yan!

Angel Locsin is known for her shows like Mulawin, Asian Treasures, Darna, Lobo, Imortal and The General's Daughter that have one thing in common — Action.

All these are action themed teleserye that showcased her talent not just in acting but also her precision in executing the action stunts with which she’s doing on her own without a body double. Even though she is still recuperating from her back injury, the actress insisted on doing her own death-defying action scenes.

Doing an action-themed teleserye or movie is not easy. There’s this risk of getting hit by your scene partner. Everything has to be perfectly choreographed and executed to ensure everyone’s safety. Some action scenes are just too extreme that can only be done by professionals and that’s where stuntmen and women come in to the picture.

Stuntmen/women are the unsung heroes behind the camera. Some where posing as body double of the lead star and some are playing as goons in the story who always end up beaten up by the main man.

These stuntmen/women earn by risking their safety but unfortunately this pandemic has caused a drastic change in the industry that they are in. A what used to be an action-packed taping days were put on hold thus making it hard for them to earn a living.

This sunday, Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan will shed light to the stories of these unsung heroes behind the camera. Viewers will have a chance to know more about their job, their stories and struggles in life and how they are coping now that we are in a very uncertain situation.

Do not miss the chance to watch this episode this Sunday on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online and Iwant TFC, 6:15PM!

Watch the teaser here:


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