Ms. Janice de Belen talks about a possible collaboration with Angel Locsin on Youtube!

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce just recently launched their Youtube channel 'The Angel and Neil Channel" and their first vlog is a hit! The couple shared on their first vlog their experience with the Dumagat tribe in Norzagaray Bulacan. Their video earned a lot of positive comments from their viewers and their channel grew with almost 60k subscribers since they shared the video one week ago!

Angel and Neil's youtube channel continue to grow and people can't wait for what they're about to put-up next! Well, turns out that we might be expecting a collaboration between the couple and Ms. Janice de Belen!

On her Instagram account, the actress revealed that she's about to start a youtube channel herself which will be launched on the first of October. For the most part, her Youtube channel will be about cooking and on an interview when asked who are the personalities that viewers can expect on her channel, Ms. Janice de Belen mentioned Angel Locsin.

On her Instagram post announcing the launch of her channel, Angel left a comment saying "Congrats ate I miss you! Let’s do a collab" with which she gladly accepted and replied "ako pa ba ang aarte."

It can be remembered that Angel Locsin and Ms. Janice de Belen co-starred in a hit teleserye 'The General's Daughter', even though their characters resent each other, they actually became good friends in real life!

Exciting times ahead! Don't forget to subscribe to 'The Angel and Neil Channel' and watch their first vlog if you haven't already.

Source: Push

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