Angel Locsin dispels rumors that she's running for Senator this coming election.

A superhero onscreen and offscreen, Angel Locsin has made a name for herself through her shows but more than being known through the fictional characters she portrayed, she is also known as the real-life hero because of her philanthropic efforts.

Over the past decade, Angel Locsin never fail to rise to the occasion at times of distress. Despite her efforts to stay under the radar when helping others, it is quite impossible for someone in her stature to go completely unnoticed given that she always makes an effort to personally visit the displaced.

It only takes one photo for Angel Locsin's relief efforts to go viral and make headlines and though what she's doing is noble, there are some people who always have something bad to say. There are some who can't believe that someone as kindhearted as Angel Locsin really exists to the point of accusing her of using these relief efforts as publicity stunt and that she has plans to run for public office.

On her twitter account, the actress exposed a Netizen who spread rumors that she has confirmed running for Senator this coming election. Angel Locsin clarified that it is not at all true and warned the public about these propagandas spreading online "Magingat sa mga maling propaganda. Sino ang gumagawa at bakit may effort gawin ito? Magingat at wag magpaloko."

Angel Locsin can't stress enough that she has no plans in entering politics but these people go extra mile to malign her and spread fake information about her. She has been helping others for more than a decade now, her consistency is a proof in itself that she has no ulterior motive whatsoever. She's doing all these out of genuine concern for people in need and nothing else.

Source: Twitter

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