Lou Yanong shares her starstruck moment after meeting Angel Locsin!

Angel Locsin is one of the most loved celebrities in the country, in fact in the recent poll done by a British International internet-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov, the actress emerged to be the most admired woman in the country for two consecutive years.

There's something about Angel that's just naturally fascinating and meeting her can literally make your heart stop. With everything that she is, having Angel Locsin in the same room will make you nervous, starstrucked and in awe just like Lou Yanong, a former PBB housemate who once met Angel at an event.

On an interview, Lou giddily shared the story when she met the actress at ABS-CBN Christmas Special. She was hesitant at first but she willed herself to say "Hi" to the Darna actress "Nag Hi talaga ako walang anu-ano. Sabi ko, "Hi po ako si Lou", sabi nya "Hi Kumusta, Angel nga pala." You can just feel how happy she is meeting Angel that she can still vividly recall the exact same moment as if it happened yesterday "Hanggang ngayon kinikilig pa rin ako kasi sobrang navivisualiza ko pa yung time na yun, naalala ko pa" says Lou.

Another young actress who express her admiration to Angel is Kaori Oinuma. Kaori shared that she admires Angel as an actress and as a real-life Angel that she is.

"Si Ms. Angel Locsin, hindi ko pa sya namimeet pero sya 'yung pinaka gusto kong ma-meet kasi parang bilang aktres at bilang sya talaga, sobrang nakakamangha."

Lou and Kaori are just two of the many young actors who look up to Angel Locsin and in return, the actress always keeps her approachable and accommodating attitude to everyone who wants to meet her. Talk about humility!

Source: ABS-CBN


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