KakaIBAng kwento at kultura ng nga katutubong Dumagat ngayong linggo sa Iba Yan!

Iba Yan has blessed us with stories that totally touched our hearts and give us different perspective on how we see life. They did not just bring smile to the viewers through the stories they share but also to the people whom they feature. Each week, they give them amazing gifts and surprises that’s totally a great help in this time of pandemic.

Iba Yan first featured the stories of people who amid the pandemic chose to help others, they also share the stories of fishermen of Mauban Quezon, and shared the stories of exploited women among others.

Despite the risk that the pandemic entails, Angel Locsin with team Iba Yan brave the streets and went to various places to be able to share these stories and this Sunday for their 15th episode, the team went all the way to Norzagaray Bulacan to share us the stories of rich and colorful culture of ethnic Dumagat group who are preserving the beauty of nature around the area.

Angel Locsin will share their stories and struggles amid the pandemic and most importantly, will highlight their culture and their simple way of living.

There are numerous upland and lowland indigenous ethnolinguistic groups in the country and this Sunday, we’ll learn more about them and we’ll get to see a day in a live of these people who strive to make their culture alive.

Based on Angel Locsin’s Instagram post, it will actually be a two-part story and this Sunday, get ready for a fun, educational, and interesting story from Iba Yan with which you can watch on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya online live on ABS-CBN’s digital platforms.

Watch the teaser here:


  1. naku pinasok na naman ang mga IP communities. Sana walang hidden agenda yan pagpunta mo sa mga katutubo, gaya ng ginagawa mo dati na pag recruit at pagsasalita sa mga salugpungan schools ng mga katutubo.


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