Dumagats officially welcome Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan through a traditional ceremony!

Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan just recently visited Dumagat tribe who are residing in the mountains of Sierra Madre in Norzagaray Bulacan. In a what they call ‘Punduhan’, Angel Locsin was able to meet some of the Dumagats and had a very informative discussion with Bro. Martin about their culture, their education, and their way of living.

Bro. Martin is a missionary who has devoted his life to help the Dumagats develop and protect their ancestral domain. Bro. Martin also introduced Angel Locsin to Ka-Sendo, a native Dumagat who’s also a volunteer forest ranger, Dumagat search and rescue officer, and a tour guide.

As per usual, the team did not come to Norzagaray Bulacan empty-handed. They surprised Ka-Sendo with tools he can use while he guides tourists see the beauty of nature around the mountain.

As part of their tradition, Dumagats prepared a ceremony to formally welcome their visitors. Starting off with an opening prayer sang beautifully by Dumagat women. They then gave Angel Locsin and Iba Yan staff and crew a red loincloth for men and sash for women.

Angel Locsin also expressed her gratitude to the Dumagats for the warm welcome and surprise everyone with “Nganga”, 10 sacks of rice, 5 boxes of canned goods, cables and wires for their generator, liter of light lamps, and a simple feast that everyone enjoyed.

The story about Dumagat tribe, their culture, their way of life, and the challenges they’re facing continues. The second part of this two-part feature will air on Sunday 6:15PM on Kapamilya Channel and ABS-CBN online.

Source: Twitter

Watch the full episode here:

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