Angel Locsin’s iconic moments in The General’s Daughter!

Angel Locsin’s most recent role that made the viewers in awe of her talent has already earned her numerous best actress awards from various award-giving bodies in the country. She was Rhian Bonifacio in The General’s Daughter, a trained assassin posing as a military nurse to spy on General Marcial de Leon who turned out to be her biological father. It is a whirlwind yet beautiful story about revenge, family, and love.

The General’s Daughter is Angel Locsin’s comeback project after five years of hiatus. This is also the first ever action series she played on after going through a couple of surgeries for her back injury the past years. She did surpass what’s expected of her with this one, she has a lot of iconic moments that became a trending topic and made a mark to the viewers!

One of the most iconic moments in The General’s Daughter was the most anticipated reunion of Rhian and her biological parents Marcial and Corazon. The emotional and heart breaking reunion has made the viewers shed a tear or two.

Rhian and Cuatro’s face off is also one of the most memorable scenes in the show. Their woman on woman fight scene has put the viewers on the edge of their seats! It is one heart-stopping fight scene between two women and probably the best one we’ve ever seen yet.

The General’s Daughter is not just about action, fighting and revenge, it has a complete mix of drama and love and one of the most sought after scenes in the show is whenever Rhian and Franco share a scene. Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino’s onscreen chemistry just shoot off the screen and viewers are easily swept away their feet even at the simplest interaction of their characters.

These are just few of the most iconic scenes in The General’s Daughter and if you wish to relieve any of them or binge watch the entire show, you can watch it on Kapamilya Channel, weekdays 3:00PM!

Source: ABS-CBN


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