Angel Locsin supports Liza Soberano's move of filing formal complaint against a Netizen.

Social media used to be a platform where people reconnect, communicate, engage in a healthy discussion, and make friends but in this day and age people tend to cross the line. Some people say things that they themselves can't even say in real life, something really rude and really offensive. With the freedom of speech that we all enjoy, some people just purposely forgot to be respectful.

Just recently, another disrespectful netizen just made an uproar in social media right after she made a remark about actress Liza Soberano. An unacceptable remark that made the actress' fans and women in general enraged.

Liza Soberano and her team did not let this pass and filed a formal complaint against the netizen. On an interview, Liza Soberano express her dismay towards the netizen and said "I was really upset, because the fact that it's a rape joke it's not something that should be taken lightly, and the fact that she's a woman, I would never in a million years do a joke like that."

"I know that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, that is true, but at some point you have to be respectful to others online. I want people to learn that there are consequences to everything like rape jokes coz that is not a light matter" she added

On her twitter account, Angel Locsin express her support to Liza and said "Mahigpit na akap @lizasoberano"

Rape should never be taken lightly or be joked about. People who have experienced such suffer from trauma and worst, death. It is about time that women/everyone stand up for their rights and let the offenders know that it is not okay and will never be okay.

Source: Twitter


  1. idol gusto ko sana matulongan niyo po ako kasi ako lang mag isang buhay nang anak ko idol sana pang bili lang po nang gamit pang eskwila sa aking dawalang anak idol ka..

  2. idol hindi pi ako mahiya sa inyo kasi humihingi lang pa ako para sa akjng mga anak lang po. idol..


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