Angel Locsin quashes rumors that she and fiancé Neil Arce have broken up.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now. They’ve been engaged for more than 1 year and is scheduled to be married next year.

The couple has always been so honest and open about their relationship and talks about how lucky they are to have found each other but despite that, break-up rumors circulating their relationship can’t seem to die down.

For whatever reason, there are people out there who love to spread fake information and Angel Locsin is one of their favorite targets. Just recently, another outrageous rumor about Angel Locsin and her relationship with fiancé Neil Arce circulate online that the actress herself addressed.

Uploaded on the video streaming app Youtube are multiple videos about Angel and Neil’s supposed break-up. Without any reliable sources, these so-called “bloggers” talked about the “real reason” behind their break-up. Angel Locsin was quick to address the rumor and on her Instagram story, the actress wrote “Oh wow. Can’t believe some people would stoop this low.” She also express her dismay to these people who make such effort to put he in the bad light “Why do some people make this much effort to put me in a bad light? That is the question.”

Well, we’ll never really know why these people love to spread these outrageous rumors about someone but one thing is for sure, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are very much in love. In this time of pandemic, they have been partners in helping our health workers and frontliners. They are also working together in a public service oriented program Iba Yan that airs every Sunday on Kapamilya Channel!

Source: ABS-CBN

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