Top 5 heart-stopping scenes that shows why Angel Locsin is the Action-Drama Queen!

Angel Locsin is the Action-Drama Queen. People have long been calling her that since time immemorial when she again and again proved her versatility by taking on different roles whether it be drama, action, and even comedy. Every character that she breathe life into never fail to land on the list of most loved and most iconic characters that ever graced TV screens and the big screen.

With everything that Angel Locsin has done on TV and on the big screen through the years, weighing in which of her portrayal is the best over the other is quite hard for she always seem to outdo herself one role after the other but we can definitely name scenes that made the most impact to viewers that shows the actress’ versatility and explains why she is the action-drama queen.

1. When Monica confronted Nichole for having an affair with her husband in The Legal Wife.

The Legal Wife the royal rumble is one of the most talked about episode in the phenomenal teleserye. The overflowing of emotions from Angel Locsin’s character Monica feeling betrayed, frustrated, and angry was executed perfectly, too perfect that it made the viewers as angry and as agitated as Monica to Maja Salvador’s character, Nicole.

2. “Kahit isang gabi lang pahiram ng asawa mo”

This is the exact line Grace said when she plead to Jac to lend her husband for a night because it is the only way they can save their son’s life. Angel Locsin’s performance as Grace in One More Try has earned her  numerous best actress awards!

3. When Rhian breaks down grieving after Nanay Isabel and Elai passed.

Angel Locsin’s comeback teleserye after the phenomenal The Legal Wife has cemented her title as the action-drama queen. From the execution of fight scenes to heart-wrenching drama scenes, the actress did not disappoint! This specific scene when Rhian broke down after the demise of two of the people she love made a lot of people shed a tear or two.

4. Alex and Bobbie’s confrontation scene in Four Sister’s and A Wedding

Four Sister’s and A Wedding is one of the most well-known family drama movies ever created and we all probably know the conflict between Alex and Bobbie. Their confrontation scene is one of the most iconic scenes in the movie.

5. Uno vs. Cuatro

One of the most anticipated fight scenes in The General’s Daughter is when Uno finally came face to face with Cuatro. Their fight scene scream so much of girl power!

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