‘Kinang’ raises 100k cash donations from the live show! Angel Locsin thanks viewers and donors!

If you haven’t watched a drag show your entire life yet, a typical drag show includes lip-syncing or dance and performers have over the top make-up, hair and clothing. Drag show in the Philippines continue to thrive as we continue to be more inclusive and supportive of our LGBTQ+ friends.

However, the pandemic has made them impossible to perform with large crowd as mass gatherings are still not allowed. Some of drag queens were displaced and left with no income because of the pandemic and Iba Yan gave them the platform to show people what drag is, for a cause!

Last Sunday, our drag queens brought light, joy and entertainment to people online through an online benefit concert brought by Iba Yan called ‘Kinang’. Hosted by Negi, drag queens on their snatched make-up, costume and their amazing transformations put together a very entertaining show.

The main goal of the concert is to raise funds for the displaced LGBTQ+ performers and with almost 10K concurrent viewers across all platforms, they were able to raise 100K on that same day!

On her Twitter account, Angel Locsin expressed her gratitude to those who watched and sent their donations. Thank you very much to everyone who watched and donated to “Kinang!” An online celebration of Philippine drag as of today, we have collected PHP 100,000 thru online donations ” she wrote

The funds raise will surely be of great help to our LGBTQ+ friends in this time of pandemic and if you wish to donate, you can still send your donations through ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation BDO Savings account until today August 7. For monitoring purposes, please send screenshots of your deposit transaction to IbaYan official facebook page via Messenger.

Account Name:
Account Number: 005630050932

Source: Twitter

Watch Iba Yan's full episode here:

Watch Racing Chat will make you laugh with his Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita performance:


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