Camille Trinidad one half of JaMill says Angel Locsin is her idol!

Angel Locsin is known for the characters she portrayed on the big screen and on TV like Alex in Four Sisters and A Wedding, Jaica in Everything About Her, Alwina in Mulawin, Narda/Darna in Darna, Lyka in Lobo, Monica in The Legal Wife and Rhian in The General’s Daughter among others. Her impeccable performance has gained her accolades from various award giving bodies and has solidified her stature as the country’s action-drama queen.

While her star continue to shine brighter on screen, she never fails to share her blessings to people who are in need. She’s oftentimes seen in far-flung areas in the country personally handing relief goods to the victims of calamities man-made or natural.

Though Angel Locsin would rather not draw attention for herself, it is rather impossible to be in disguise for someone as popular as her doing relief efforts as big as what we have seen on the news and photos circulating online. She was hailed as one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy in 2019 citing the causes she support and her humanitarian efforts over the past decade.

A great actress, a humanitarian and a philanthropist, and someone who shows genuine concern to people and is never afraid of voicing out her opinion; Angel Locsin is all that and more which is also the reason why people look up to her, people like Camille Trinidad, one half of the famous couple vlogger Jamill who revealed on one of their interviews that Angel Locsin is her idol.

This is not the first time that we heard influential personality be vocal of their admiration to Angel Locsin. Ivana Alawi for example also expressed her admiration to the actress on one of her videos on her Youtube channel.

Angel Locsin is without a doubt one of the most if not the most loved celebrity in the country. She is well respected and well loved as she embodies the real-life Darna who always saves people at time of crisis. Behind her blinding beauty and acting prowess lies a genuine and generous heart that always goes out to people. An actress one should look up to and emulate indeed!

Source: Instagram


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