Angel Locsin shares the story on how she was discovered at a shopping mall.

Dubbed as the Action Drama Queen because of her exemplary portrayal in her notable roles such as Lobo, Imortal, The Legal Wife and more, Angel Locsin is one of the most sought after actresses in the Philippines. With numerous acting awards under her belt, she is also one of the most awarded and versatile actress of her generation. But before Angel Locsin owned the spotlight, she was once an athlete, a varsity player and a student.

Long before social media became a thing, entering showbizness or being in the limelight is nearly impossible. Angel Locsin for example did not start her career on TV,  she started as a commercial model and was invited in various VTRs and Go Sees.

On one of her interviews, Angel Locsin recalled the moment she got discovered by a talent scout in a shopping mall. She was discovered at a shopping mall while doing errands for her father. Angel Locsin, who’s maybe around 14 or 15 years old, with groceries in her hands saw a stranger from a lotto outlet eyeing her, as an initial and normal thing to do, she run away. Unfortunately, or maybe fate has something to do with it, she has to stop running because the grocery items shattered, the stranger who turns out to be a talent scout caught-up to her and offered her to be a commercial model and the rest is history.

Before she became the Angel Locsin that she is at present, she was once a part of teen oriented show until she had her own television series Mulawin alongside Richard Gutierrez which made her a household name.

Her name became even bigger when she donned the two-piece red suit as the superheroine Darna which registered a whopping 52.1% rating on its fourth episode making it one of the top 30 All-Time highest rating TV shows in the Philippines.

One series over the other plus successful and blockbuster movies, Angel Locsin has achieved milestones and  made records to beat after almost 15 years in the industry. Her name screams the word “iconic.”

From a little girl who loves swimming and dreamt of helping her family to a superstar who inspires thousands or even millions of people. Hers is a success story that is worth sharing, this is a success story that should be passed on to generations!

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