17M strong! Angel Locsin remains to be the most followed Kapamilya star on Facebook!

Angel Locsin’s facebook page was created in 2009. It has been fans’ source of updates about the actress and her future projects until the account has been compromised way back October of 2015. It was once the most followed Facebook page in the country until it got hacked for over a year.

January of 2017, Angel Locsin announced on her Instagram account that they finally retrieved her Facebook page and since then, it has been a useful platform for the actress to mobilize resources at times of crisis and also her followers’ source of information and updates about her ongoing and future projects.

Not long time ago, Metro.Style released a list of most followed celebrities based on their combined social media followers: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Angel Locsin placed third on the said list next to Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis and though Angel is not as active in social media as some of other celebrities, she still managed to be on the list of the most followed stars.

Though her Facebook page has been compromised for more than a year, Angel Locsin’s followers did not leave her. She remains to be the most followed Kapamilya star on facebook now with 17M followers and 15.9M likes!

Aside from using social media to promote a project or to provide updates about her life to her followers, Angel Locsin is also utilizing her wide reach to mobilize efforts amid crisis. Among others is the #UniTENTweStandPH initiative where Angel together with some friends in the biz raised almost 11M. Through her social media accounts, people was informed of the said initiative and was able to reach out to the actress to send their donations.

17M followers on Facebook, 8M followers on Instagram, and 12.3M followers on twitter! She is without a doubt one of the most loved personality in the country!

Source: Instagram


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