La Luna Sangre’s stunt director, Direk Lester Pimentel shares how Angel Locsin helped a stuntman who got heavily injured.

Every time Angel Locsin does a relief operation done in big scale, media most often than not immediately picks up the story. It instantaneously make headlines especially in this day and age of social media.

Behind all these relief efforts, what we don’t actually see is how she’s helping people off cam until someone actually came out and share how she’s helped them. In a recent post made by Direk Lester Pimentel, some of your favorite fantasy themed teleseryes like La Luna Sangre and Bagani’s stunt director, he shared his story of Angel Locsin’s benevolence.

On his post he shared a story of one of the stuntmen who got heavily injured off-work

"Gusto ko lang share ang experience ko working with this person. There was one time, isa sa mga stuntmen namin got heavily injured, naputol ang pinakamalaking buto nya sa hita sa isang aksidente na hindi work related.  Ang pobreng stuntman, naospital sa orthopaedic center ng mahigit isang buwan, ubos ang ipon at malaking chance hindi na siya makakalakad muli dahil hindi na niya afford ang mga susunod pang operation na kailangan gawin...”

Angel Locsin came in to the rescue one late evening and visited the stuntman, paid their hospital bills and gave additional monetary support to the stuntman’s wife and some words of encouragement.

“One late evening nang konti na lang ang tao sa public hospital kung saan nakaconfine si injured stuntman, dumating siya kasama lang ang driver niya...kinumusta si stuntman, consoled his wife and mom, then asked the person in charge of the hospital how much was the accumulated bill at magkano pa ang kakailanganin para makalakad pa ulit si stuntman. Agad nyang binayaran ang bill, nagiwan ng pabaon at encouraging words sa pamilya,then she left....”

She is the real-life Darna indeed. Some of her relief efforts picked-up by media are being frowned upon by naysayers but these stories shared by people who first-hand experienced her benevolence speaks a lot about how generous and kindhearted she really is and that she only has nothing but pure intentions in helping others.

“Siya si Angel Locsin, she is the real life Darna...hero sya kahit sa likod ng camera, kahit walang nakatingin at walang nakakaalam...”

Source: Facebook


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