Kwento ng mga Hari ng Kalsada, ibibida ng Iba ‘Yan!

After sharing the stories of unsung heroes amid the pandemic, the dutiful fishermen of Mauban Quezon, and taking an in-depth look at the academic preparedness of an educational institution amid the pandemic ahead of the upcoming school year, Iba Yan’s upcoming episode this Sunday will feature the stories of our jeepney drivers or the “King of the Road” as what we call them amid the pandemic.

As we all know, jeepney operators are one of the most affected amid the pandemic. The pandemic has brought so much worries and fears to people. Aside from the fear of getting the virus, as the quarantine continues, people worry about their livelihood, their family and how they can provide food on their table whilst everyone is instructed to stay at home.

Together with the directives of closing down some establishments as part of the enhanced community quarantine protocol is the temporary halt on mass transportation. Jeepney operators, Tricycle drivers, Bus Operators and any other public utility vehicle are not allowed on the road for the time being.

As the quarantine eases, these operators have high hopes that they will be allowed to operate but just like what we have heard these past weeks, public utility vehicles are still not allowed on the roads, some jeeepney operators even held a protest for the matter.

This week’s episode of Iba Yan will certainly make the viewers cry as they always do. They will share stories of some jeepney operators as they adjust to the new normal.

Don’t forget to tune-in this Sunday on Kapamilya Channel, 6:15PM!

Watch the teaser here:


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