Amazing women who played the role of Darna that turns out to be a real-life superhero!

Darna is a fictional character created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo. Darna is a Filipina superhero who was first seen in Pilipino Komiks. Years later, Darna became a motion picture on the bigscreen and on TV. Incidentally, these women who portrayed the role of Darna onscreen turned out to be real life Darnas!

Ms. Nanette Medved who donned the Darna costume way back 1991 is the one behind the popular Hope bottled purified water brand. She is the founder of Generation Hope Inc. and Friends of Hope Inc. which produces consumer goods. Profits from the "Hope" line of products are devoted to improving both the public school education space as well as small holder farmer productivity through its agriculture interventions.

Another Darna actress who flies in various places to help at times of distress without the superhero costume is this generation’s Darna, Angel Locsin. Angel Locsin took on the Darna role way back 2005 and the actress seems to be living up as a real-life Darna as she tirelessly help people, reaching out to those who needs help especially at far-flung areas in Mindanao and other parts of the country.

Most often than not, every time there’s a calamity whether it be man-made or natural, a social media post with her photos spotted at the affected areas will go trending. She makes sure to visit affected areas personally and extend help and sympathy to the affected families. Because of her humanitarian efforts, she was recognized by Forbes Asia as one of the 30 Heroes of Philanthropy! She’s really someone who’s worth emulating!

Two more actresses who embodies Darna in real life is Ms. Regine Velasquez who donned the costume in a cameo appearance in the movie Captain Barbel. She has spearheaded few fund raisers since the onset of the pandemic and Ms. Vilma Santos who chose to serve as a public official.

Seems like the new Darna has a really big shoes to fill.

Source: ABS-CBN

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