“Bata palang siya marunong na siya tumindig” Freelance director who worked with Angel Locsin in Majika defends the actress from bashers.

In a noise barrage held by ABS-CBN employees and supporters last July 18,  Angel Locsin faced the crowd at the solidarity event and delivered a what we can say the bravest and most courageous speech we ever heard from a celebrity.

With the message “Laban ng mayaman, mahirap ang nagdusa,” the actress expressed her sentiments about the denial of ABS-CBN franchise and called-out fellow celebrities who chose to keep mum about the shutdown of the network who helped them to get to where they are right now.

With how controversial the issues she raised were and given that opinions on that matter have contradicting sides, some people who oppose her opinion throw nothing but harsh words towards the actress.

People who have witnessed Angel Locsin’s benevolence and those who have worked with her however immediately came into her defense just like the freelance director Roman Perez Jr. who worked with her in Majika way back 2006.

On his Facebook account he shared his experience working with the actress and how she, even at a young age fight for what is right.

“Ang Dami naman bumato ng Putik, sa isang babaeng Tumindig. Akala mo makapuna tayo nabili na nila ang bato. Bata palang siya marunong na siya tumindig. Kapag hindi na aangkop hindi nya gawin. Kapag nakikita niyang Tama lalaban siya.

Kapag Pagod na siya sasabihin nya. Kapag kaibigan ilalaban niya yun. Hindi lahat Majika gamit niya. WALANG sumubo ng bato na sing husay niya. 

Ang Kapangyarihan niya ay Pagtindig sa kanyang Oryentasyon.

Laban Gel.

📷 Pitik ni : Rudy Pontigon #protectangelatallcause”

Angel Locsin happens to find his post and thanked her Kuya Roman “Kuya Romaaaaaan!!!!! napasaya mo ang puso ko salamat kapatid! Tayo tayo ang laging magkakasama nuon sa lahat!”

Source: Facebook


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