“We’re poor but it’s not a reason for me not to help.” Meet the Filipina who feeds hungry migrants in Dubai.

Whilst many are scared for their own lives because who wouldn’t be when there is a pandemic that already affected and claimed tens of thousands of lives, there are uplifting tales of how the sudden intervention of a complete stranger can transform one's life for the better - and even save it. They are the Good Samaritans of this world who are just ordinary people choosing to spread kindness and positivity during this global crisis.

One of them is Feby Dela Peña, an unemployed Filipina and a mother of three who feeds dozens of hungry migrants in Dubai. She was featured in South China Morning Post for her compassion and selflessness despite having barely enough for herself and her family. She only relies on her husband’s modest income, started with US$136 worth of groceries, including 30 frozen chickens and sacks of rice, began to cook home-made meals that are relatively more than what she used to and put up a sign that says, “FREE!!! FOOD FOR EVERYONE.” Each day, she offers 200 free meals to the hungry of Dubai, most of them are Filipinos, there are also Africans, South Asians and others. “We’re poor, to be honest. My daughter is even out of school, at her age. But it’s not a reason for me not to help,” she said.

It’s probably a greater generosity than many of us have encountered before or since. She offers a large fraction of what she possessed made unreservedly and with complete good nature, with no expectation of receiving anything in return. That ignites the inner good in others and she started receiving donations of food like eggs and rice.

True enough, kindness creates ripples and may it come back to this woman as tenfold blessings. God bless all the good hearts and may He grant us all with protection and healing.

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