Netizens on Angel Locsin’s latest physique: “There’s nothing wrong with how she looks. She’s beautiful.”

Angel Locsin is now thicc. What about it?

Recently, photos of actress Angel Locsin clad in a dark green shirt and pants showing her “new figure” surfaced online. It gained several reactions from netizens and fans are quick to defend the actress from body shamers saying, “she has nothing to prove.”

Leave her rolls alone! Here are some of the comments from netizens who think that there’s nothing wrong with Angel’s recent photos and that those curves are beautiful.

“the only difference between these photos is that on the first one she was a fictional hero; and on the second one, she's a real-life hero. and that's on queen angel locsin.” — @pjggulmayo

“Angel Locsin is beautiful no matter what others say. She has done more than any of us in helping people in need. She may have gained weight but she also gained so much respect and admiration from everyone she has helped and inspired. She has nothing to prove to any of us.” — @dxtrjamess

“Angel Locsin need not to prove her being 'artista' to people because we already know she's an excellent actress. We know she's beautiful. But do u know when she's at her MOST beautiful? It's when she goes out there giving and helping people w/o hesitations. Darna? DARNA.” — @dimplerios_

“Quoting a viral facebook post, Angel Locsin has nothing to prove. Sexy is an attitude not an attribute. Go girl!” — @philosophillip

“Angel Locsin is a living-proof that weight doesn't define beauty. You're such an inspo specially to those pluz-size women. SELF-LOVE  IS THE KEY. — @xxmastersenpai

“My admiration for Angel Locsin goes beyond her physique. I will always love looking (staring) at her angelic face, listening to her calming voice, and learning about her humanitarian efforts. She’s not bothered so why should we?” — @friendyy1213

“Nowadays, it is undeniable that people judge because of someone's physical body. C'mon! Ms. Angel Locsin is more than what you see outside. She lives purposefully. She goes out to help people in pain. She's more attractive because of that. I stan the real angel!” — @_souldredging

“Wala ng kelangan pang patunayan si Angel Locsin, you can body shame her all you want but that doesn't erase the fact the she helped A LOT OF FILIPINOS than all of you na ang definition lang ng sexy ay mapayat.” — @gelica_gel

To be honest, change in celebrity or whoever’s bodies should not be something this surprising but rather be a neutral topic that we can discuss without it being a hot button issue. For the record, Angel Locsin is beautiful. She is the Angel Locsin. That’s all there is to say.

Source: Inquirer || SpotPH


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