“Kasi ako wala akong problema, bakit ikaw ang dami mong issue ako nga walang issue e katawan ko ‘to” Angel Locsin responds to body shaming

Way back 2015, Angel Locsin suffered from a disc bulge. Her condition was becoming more serious that there was a time that she can’t move her body because of the pain she’s feeling.

Because of this, the actress decided to undergo operation in Singapore way back 2016. It has been 4 years since she had the operation but as what Angel Locsin revealed on her Instagram post, her injury will always be with her which limited her to do physical activities even at present. She can no longer do strenuous activities and workouts like she used to that resulted to a noticeable change on her figure.

Being the public figure that she is, she is very vulnerable in criticisms and some of them were shaming her current body figure. On her Tonight With Boy Abunda interview way back January 2019, the actress bravely addressed her body-shamers and said “May mga bagay kasi na hindi mo dapat gawin sa kapwa mo so kung itong taong ‘to comfortable sya sa ginagawa nyang ‘yan ayokong magdeal sa mga ganong klaseng tao kasi sad, sad ng life nya. Kasi ako wala akong problema, bakit ikaw ang dami mong issue ako nga walang issue e katawan ko ‘to, ako ‘to, sarili ko ‘to. E ikaw okay ka ba?”

Body shaming was never okay and it will never be okay. People should know that there are a lot of reasons why someone gains weight and it’s not just because they lack discipline. Needless to say, we should stop talking about someone elses weight/body figure because it is none of our business.

Watch the video here:


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