Angel Locsin’s philanthropic efforts through the years!

Aptly named, Angel Locsin is literally an angel on earth. In every disaster, man-made or natural, you’ll see her make headlines because of her relief efforts done in big scale. She uses her hard-earned money to buy goods, oversee the packing and make sure that it will reach those in need by personally distributing them. Over the past decade we have seen how she rise above the occasion every time our fellow countrymen need help, the same reason why she’s been recognized as one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy.

Angel Locsin’s philanthropic efforts goes way back even before the rise of social media. Way back 2008, the actress decided to celebrate her birthday with the kids of Payatas. She even pose a disguise to be treated normally and not be given a special treatment. After a year, the actress decided to do a three-day immersion in Lanao, this time she used a different name and introduced herself as “Ate Jean” to the kids for the same reason.

When the country was hit by typhoon Ondoy in 2009, the actress spearheaded a fund rasing campaign called Shop and Share with some friends in the biz like Anne Curtis and Dimples Romana. Proceeds went straight to Philippine Red Cross and was used to help victims of the typhoon.

Another selfless act that’s very notable was way back 2014 when Angel Locsin auctioned her vintage cars Chevrolet chevelle and donated the proceeds to Sagip Kapamilya that was used to build classrooms in badly affected areas of typhoon Yolanda.

In the recent years, we are touched by her benevolence when she visited war-stricken Marawi to check on our Muslim brothers and sisters who were displaced.

She is also one of the first ones to visit the quake-hit areas in Mindanao and since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen her maximize her resources to raise funds that can aide our health workers combat the virus.

Apart from all these, Angel Locsin is a consistent blood donor and also supports education by providing scholarships to the youths of today.

As we all know, Angel Locsin would rather not draw attention for herself but it is indeed impossible to be in disguised for someone as popular as Angel Locsin doing relief efforts as big as what we have mentioned. Her intentions are pure, that’s for sure.

Source: Star Cinema


  1. She's really one of a kind. Her little act of kindness makes a big difference to others. Her love and concern to the needy comes from the heart...


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