Angel Locsin went fishing in Mauban and it probably is the funniest thing you’ll see today!

On the Father’s day episode of docu-reality show Iba Yan last Sunday, June 21, we witnessed stories of three inspiring tatays from Mauban, Quezon who have shown us the Filipino fighting spirit and Filipino values of “katatagan at pagmamahal sa pamilya.”

Amid pandemic crisis, the three featured fishermen Tatay Pablito, Cris, and Tatay Ferdie shared how they get back up and remain resilient after facing yet again with another adversity as Typhoon “Ambo” wrought havoc on their homes and livelihood in May.

Despite the hardships amid crises, they continue to exemplify the valor and strength of character of the typical Filipino while keeping their families and relationships together.

The show’s host Angel Locsin witnessed this resilient spirit first hand as she immersed herself in a day in the lives of our featured tatays. Viewers were delighted seeing the actress doing  things that we don’t get to see everyday, certainly not from a huge celebrity like her. To learn more about their story and their struggles, Angel even went fishing with them and her experience is quite funny to watch.

A netizen reposted clips of her fishing and it probably is the funniest thing you will see today.

Watch it here: Instagram || Instagram

Watch full video here:


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