Angel Locsin reacts to Senate Pres. Tito Sotto liking a tweet tagging her as an NPA-supporter!

Angel Locsin on Saturday, June 6, politely reacted to Senate President and TV show host Tito Sotto for subsequently "liking" a tweet that accused the actress of "being proNPA since Day 1."

On Twitter, the actress posted a screenshot of Sotto liking a tweet from user @boykape tagging  her as a supporter of the New People's Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines. “I saw that you liked this tweet,” she wrote, tagging Sotto's Twitter account. “I will never support terrorists, nor will I ever support any kind of violence.”

“You have the right to like any tweet. And we have the right to voice out our opinions. I hope we don’t get tagged as terrorist for doing so. Thank you,” she added.

Angel Locsin is among the many celebrities who have been vocal about their disagreements regarding the controversial anti-terror bill, of which Tito Sotto is a principal author. The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 proposes warrantless arrests or to eliminate critical legal protections and permit government overreach against groups and individuals labeled terrorists. The bill already passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate just awaiting for President Rodrigo Duterte to sign and enact the bill into a law.

And just like many rights groups and individuals who are against it, Angel is firm with her stand by joining calls to “junk” the bill.

Although Malacañang reassures that the bill won’t suppress free speech, many are still alarmed that the measure would be prone to abuse, aggravate red tagging and commit more human rights violations.

Red-tagging, based on the Philippines Supreme Court's definition, is the “the act of labeling, branding, naming and accusing individuals and/or organizations of being left-leaning, subversives, communists or terrorists (used as) a State agents, particularly law enforcement agencies and the military, against those perceived to be ‘threats’ or ‘enemies of the State.’”



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