Teddie and Alex reunite! Toni and Angel talk about memorable moments in Four Sisters and A Wedding!

Over the past years, Angel Locsin has portrayed many different roles. From being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a better half to being a superhero, a wolf, and a supernatural creature . She has done it all they say and all of the characters she portrayed made an impact to the viewers that even after how many years they are still well-remembered at present.

On an online CAMustahan with Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin was asked about her movie career. As per Locsin, 'In The Name of Love' and 'Four Sisters and A Wedding' are two of her movie projects that thinks made a mark the most "Every project naman malaking epekto sa'kin pero 'pag dating sa pelikula at star cinema, ang 'In The Name of Love' hindi ko talaga makakalimutan ofcourse 'yung 'Four Sisters (and a Wedding)'"

As we all can remember Angel and Toni both starred in the said iconic movie. The two actress shared some memorable experiences while making the movie which premiered 7 years ago "Nag-enjoy ako nakatrabaho ko kayong lahat. Naalala ko nagtatago pa tayo sa cabinet nun para kumain kasi bawal sa location" Locsin shared.

'Four Sisters and A Wedding' has undoubtedly come up to be one of the iconic and well-remembered movies in the country.

References from the movie always become a trending topic with thousands of likes and shares in various social media platforms and when asked if Angel Locsin expected the movie to have this impact she said "'pag gumagawa naman tayo ng pelikula hindi mo naman maiisip "ay malaking impact to sa mga tao". Parang gusto mo lang na pagandahin 'yung trabaho mo, hindi ka mapagalitan ni Direk, sana kumita, 'yun lang mga nasa isip mo nung panahon na 'yun e tapos magugulat ka na lang na hanggang ngayon nasa Netflix sya, tapos nagtetrending pa rin".

Angel Locsin also shared her most unforgettable experience while doing the movie "Na-enjoy kong magkakasama tayong apat, 'yung makapangyarihang monologue nyo ni Bea. Natatandaan mo nung nag-sub sa'tin si Inang nun kasi hindi pwede si Direk Cathy, nakakatawa lahat tayo pawisan!"

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