"Kung alam nyo lang mga nasakripisyo nyang pansarili to help. Grabe talaga!" Alessandra de Rossi praises Angel Locsin for helping.

"Angel Locsin is Darna, Darna is Angel Locsin" that's what we oftentimes see online. Locsin who took on the role 15 years ago never seem to lose the superhero spirit inside her as she continue to help others at times of distress just like what a real superhero would do.

At times of distress, Angel Locsin is always one of the first ones to respond. As much as she would want to keep her relief efforts low-key, she never fail to land on the headlines every time she's out and about to help other people just like when she visited war-stricken areas in Marawi way back 2007, her relief efforts in the quake hit areas in Mindanao and just recently, her #UniTENTweStandPH campaign.

#UniTENTweStandPH was launched to help solve overcrowding in hospitals who are operating at full or overcapacity. The said campaign was a success as they are able to raise Php11.3M in 19 days and was able to donate more than 200 tents to 135 hospitals in the Metro and neighboring provinces.

With these efforts, the actress received praises and commendations from the netizens and from her colleagues in the biz just like Ms. Alessandra de Rossi who portrayed the role of Valentina, Darna's main antagonist. On her twitter account she wrote "Darna is Darna at kausap ko lang sya kanina, hindi pa rin sya tumitigil sa pagtulong sa kapwa, kung alam nyo lang mga nasakripisyo nyang pansarili to help. grabe talaga. @143redangel, next time, turn down ko na yung offer na Valentina. Dapat di ka kinakalaban at all"

As we all know aside from the pandemic that we are currently facing, some parts of the country were unfortunately hit by typhoon Ambo and just like all other calamities that our country went through, Angel Locsin to the rescue! She's recently gathering information about the areas that are badly affected by typhoon Ambo. A real-life Darna indeed!

Source: Twitter


  1. Angel your a real hero and angel sent from above.. that's why you're so blessed because you are a blessinh to many people ❤️❤️❤️


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