‘The Legal Wife’ and ‘Monica’ trend as the happenings in The Legal Wife rerun intensifies!

Due to the novel coronavirus disease pandemic, Luzon and other parts of the country was put under enhanced community quarantine. Big gatherings and get-togethers are prohibited, some are now working from home and everyone is advised to stay at home. Everything was put on hold including the production and taping of our favorite ongoing shows. As a work around, ABS-CBN handpicked a few shows to rerun for the time being both in primetime and kapamilya gold. Last March 23, The Legal Wife started its rerun and is airing after ‘Walang Hanggan’ before ‘Got to Believe.’

Last April 30, #TLWPainfulTruth was aired. Originally, it was #TLWTheRage which is the third highest rated episode on its initial run six years ago. In this episode, Monica confronted Nicole for still seeing Adrian and for making a move on her husband.

This confrontation did not end well as Monica pours out her anger and strungle Nicole by the hair. Monica almost pushed Nicole at the stairs until the latter dropped the bomb and revealed that she’s pregnant with Adrian’s child. Monica was dumbfounded with the revelation and walked away. It was also the same episode where Monica said the phenomenal line “Walang sa’yo Nicole, akin lang ang asawa ko!”

These scenes made ‘The Legal Wife’ land on twitter trending topics at second spot together with ‘Monica’ at ninth spot. Viewers freely expressed their annoyance to Nicole, Maja Salvador’s character and how they relate to Monica through their tweets.

Six years after it originally premiered, The Legal Wife still has the same effect to people. It is still the most talked about and the God-tier teleserye that tackles infidelity in its most realistic sense.

The happenings in ‘The Legal Wife’ rerun is becoming more intense now, don’t miss an episode weekdays 3:25PM.

Source: Twitter


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