"It's a symbol of love, prayers, support for those in the frontlines"; Frontliner thanks Angel Locsin and #UniTENTweStandPH team for the tent donated to their hospital.

Almost 5 weeks into the enhanced community quarantine, the Philippines’ Covid-19 confirmed cases has sadly gone up to more than 5000 already. As the number of positive cases increase, hospitals are getting more and more congested. This is why Angel Locsin and #UniTENTweStandPH team came up with a fund raiser which aims to provide isolation tents to hospitals which will serve as its extension for PUIs, PUMs, or Covid-19 positive patients.

Another thing that #UniTENTweStandPH aims by giving these isolation tents is to prioritize the safety of our frontliners.

In this crisis, we have to give it to our modern day heroes who are risking their lives on a daily. Some of them unfortunately lacks proper gear to protect themselves from getting the disease but it did not stop them from doing their job with so much passion and enthusiasm.

On twitter, a frontliner expressed her gratitude to Angel Locsin and #UniTENTweStandPH team for the tent donated to their hospital.

On her post she wrote "That tent is the first thing I see before entering the hospital where I work. It makes me smile coz it's a symbol of love, prayers, support for those in the frontlines. It's a smile that gets us through this battle one duty at a time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you"

In this battle, frontliners are one of those who are greatly affected. While we are staying at home, they are out there, risking their lives to help us go back to our normal lives sooner than later. Hands down to everyone serving in the frontlines! Mabuhay po kayo!

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  1. Hi. I am a PWD. I wanted to go out and extend help to the front liners like you do but I'm on lockdown. I wrote a song for heroes like you. Please check and share.






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