CRASH LANDING scene on CLOY looks a lot like the one in Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual’s LOBO!

K-Dramas or Koreanovelas are popular among Filipinos. The most recent that overtook the airwaves was the Crash Landing On You that spread beyond South Korea to other parts of Asia as the show – also broadcast on Netflix – drew in audiences with its novel premise.

It tells a story about star-crossed lovers, a South Korean heiress who accidentally paraglides into North Korea, where she falls in love with a North Korean soldier who protects her until she can return home. It also has become popular because of its nuanced depiction of life in North Korea.

And who would not be drawn to that epic Crash Landing scene that brought Yeri to her fated lover, Captain Ri? It’s not gonna be Crash Landing On You if it weren’t for that, right?

But did you know that it ain’t the first romantic Crash Landing scene on television? We actually got the idea first and it was in LOBO which was aired in 2007.

Top-billed by Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual, it also tells a love conquers all story that revolves around young lovers, Lyka Raymundo (Angel) and Noah Ortega (Piolo).

The ill-fated lovers go against the odds to be together challenging the forces that conspire to tear them apart. They found their way back to each when Lyka crash landed on Noah the way that Yeri crash landed on Captain Ri.

Just as how Crash Landing On You wins over Asia,  LOBO was also an internationally acclaimed fantaserye that penetrated the TV landscape overseas. It was the most expensive teleserye ever produced by ABS-CBN and Angel herself received a special citation medal for Best Actress Nomination in the prestige International Emmy Awards for this tv series and also bagged the BEST TELENOVELA PROGRAM Award in the BANFF World Television Festival in Toronto Canada and also penetrated the TV landscape overseas.

Let’s just say, great minds really think alike.

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