Block Z Director Mikhail Red hints at sequel, shares a BTS photo of Angel Locsin as Raider General!

On Twitter, “Block Z” director Mikhail Red tweeted a photo of actress Angel Locsin as Raider General and fans couldn’t help but look forward to the film’s sequel. It was captioned, “The mysterious raider general and her sawed-off shotgun 📸Bts by victor elijah.”

Not long ago, the director hinted that there will be a potential part 2 by sharing a photo of the film’s raiders led by Locsin on his Instagram saying, “Post-Apocalyptic Manila. Four years after the outbreak.  Typhoon season. We gather supplies, food and firearms in the rain. When the rain stops the infected come out. We need to escape Luzon and get to the islands. Watch out for raiders and doomsday cults.”

“Yes, i want the opening scene to show a different perspective of the outbreak, happening inside a packed mall with a stampede of people falling on top of each other on the escalators. Characters escape using a show car on display in the main lobby and run over some infected. Or something like that. Need budget though,” he also added.

It’s very timely and relevant to what has been happening around and having Angel Locsin as one of the major roles battling the creeps infected by the horrendous virus would surely be a top-notch. The Action-Drama Queen made an appearance in the zombie film portraying a certain “Raider General” who seems to be a zombie slayer and found the unconscious major character of Joshua Garcia at the end of the movie. It was an unexpected cameo and people have been speculating that it might be a set up for a sequel.

“Block Z,” is directed by Mikhail Reid, who helmed the acclaimed films “Eerie” and “Dead Kids”; produced by Star Cinema and billed as the Philippines’ first large-scale zombie flick. It premiered on January 29 and recorded the highest number of pay-per-view (PPV) subscriptions in its first two days on @iwant, making it the fastest PPV title to do so after its release on ABS-CBN’s streaming service.

While we're pretty used to the zombie genre in film and television, it raked various reviews about how it exceeded expectations and its early audience even said that it is a proof how far Filipino filmmaking has already reached. Starring Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Ian Veneracion, Dimples Romana, Ina Raymundo, Maris Racal, Yves Flores and Mccoy De Leon, this battle of choosing between saving yourself or others kind of zombie film has all the makings of a big hit.

Angel Locsin herself commended the quality of the movie saying, “Ito na ata 'yung best zombie acting na napanood ko” in one of her interviews.

It may not offer something new to the genre, for what its worth, it’s definitely something else and a sequel is totally gonna be a bomb!

Source: Twitter


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