Another touching message for Angel Locsin on her special day!

2 years ago, Angel Locsin had her house deep cleaned and seeked assistance from the ninjas of ninjamadeph. From then on, owner of ninjamadeph has nothing but good words for Angel.

A day after Angel Locsin’s birthday, the owner of ninjamadeph pens a touching message for the actress. On her caption she wrote “I know this is a day too late but I chose to celebrate your B-day in the best tribute I can give to you... by reaching out to hospitals and communities and extending help in whatever way I can.”

She also shared the story on how they jive right away and bonded while cleaning “When we first me, we jive immediately over Kurt Cobain, our love for 90’s music and how we feel so blessed in having the means to help others.”

She also shared how she saw Angel’s true colors, the Angel Locsin off-screen that not everyone has the opportunity to see “Grabe inabot yata ng almost mid night yung kwentuhan natin, naputol lang kasi biglang bumaha sa kalapit area niyo and immediately you stood up called red cross for assistance and took in the evacuees in a safe place. When I saw you doing that I immediately learned the truth about Angel Locsin, she is more than just what we see on TV or in the news or what people say she is. She is Angelica Locsin Colmenares, the lady with passion for music, lots of ideals and a gigantic heart for the people. You are a daughter and a sister too, and a friend to your staff. From then on whenever I see you anywhere, I look at you with so much pride and admiration. I’m really lucky to have met you personally. Keber na sa dugyot look ko dito haha.. Thank you so much for inspiring me to continue in my advocacies and than you so much for inspiring others too by being a beacon of light to the rest of the hopeful Filipino people. Happy happy Birthday @therealangellocsin ! May God bless you a thousand folds more! We love you”

Source: Instagram


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