A fan shows appreciation to Angel Locsin’s efforts amid the pandemic through an artwork!

Angel Locsin has been very busy these past few days because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone was advised to stay at home but our real-life Darna can’t just stay home and wait ‘til the pandemic is over knowing that our frontliners need help. The actress immediately gather her resources to extend a helping hand to our fontliners and health workers.

Angel Locsin together with her fiance and some friends in the industry launched two projects that will benefit our frontliners. One was the air conditioned sleeping tents that was put-up for health workers and the other was a crowdfunding campaign called #UniTENTweStandPH that aims to provide isolation tents to hospitals to help solve overcrowding while also protecting the health of our frontliners. Angel Locsin and Neil Arce were in the field almost everyday setting up tents to beneficiary hospitals.

Aside from these two projects, Angel Locsin is also busy helping individuals who knocks on her door through social media. She coordinates with suppliers of PPEs online and responding to people who needs medical assistance.

Because of everything that she’s been doing, the actress and philanthropist has been getting a lot of messages from the Netizens expressing their appreciation to all her efforts. One fan goes an extra mile and to show his appreciation, he drew a portrait of her. It was shared on twitter by his sister and on her caption she wrote  “I just want to share this artwork of my brother. Showing salute to you ms. @143redangel for having a good heart. You're really an angel to everyone. Thank you for your generosity and sympathy!!”

Angel Locsin in return did not forget to thank the artist “Ang galing naman! salamat sa kua mo at ako ang napiling ipinta :)” she wrote.

Source: Twitter

Help Angel Locsin #UniTENTweStandPH build more tents.

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