We all have that one friend who is also your basher like Angel Locsin to Bea Alonzo!

Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo are two of the biggest names in the country and the most sought-after actresses of their generations. Both have impressive and unmatched portfolio of achievements from their various roles in different genres. They both joined the industry in 2002 and rose to popularity alongside their respective love team partners, Richard Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz, and later on, made a name in the showbiz industry as individual artists that young generations are now looking up to.

Dubbed as QUEENS, they worked together in Four Sisters and A Wedding, a 2013 Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina which also featured Star Cinema’s most prominent actresses: Toni Gonzaga and Shaina Magdayao and they played the four sisters attempting to stop the wedding of their younger brother, Rebreb, played by Enchong Dee.

Although it’s not very often that we see them together, Angel and Bea have been good friends ever since. They have been supportive of each other, spotted together on some occasions and exchanging sweet and cute conversations online.

It was just recently when Bea and Angel were spotted together at the Aivee Clinic having a quick catch up. And on Instagram, the two had another cute convo that swiftly caught the attention of their fans.

On a photo where Bea was wearing a one-piece and a really wide sun hat, Angel commented, “Nakalimutan mong mag hat, Mars.”

And we all have that one friend who bashes you on your own social media post, don’t we?

And just like what most people on the Internet say, in a world where everyone’s photos almost look the same, comments are what keep posts interesting. And as we scroll through that section of the photo shared by Bea, these two Salazar sisters surely are enough to make us feel nostalgic and entertained.

Source: Instagram


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