Darna through and through! Angel Locsin continues to live up to be the modern-day Darna we all need.

Angel Locsin continues to be the modern-day Darna we all need. She's always ready to help at times of calamity whether it be man-made or natural. She always utilize her resources to help people ease the burden of the damage that has been brought to them by the calamity. She never ceases to extend a helping hand to people in need.

Just last year, the actress was recognized by Forbes Asia as one of 30 Heroes of Philanthropy. The business magazine revealed that she has donated as much as P15M to various causes over the past decade.

One of her most notable humanitarian efforts was her courageous and brave move to go to the war-stricken Marawi way back 2017, she personally donated and distributed food packs and school supplies to the displaced victims.

It can also be recalled that when Mindanao was hit by series of earthquakes, she is also one of the first ones who flew to Davao City and brought relief goods for the victims.

These are just few of some notable humanitarian efforts Angel Locsin has done and all these have been possible through her initiative and innate generosity. She always shy away from media coverage, politely declining interviews while doing her relief efforts but in this day and age that everyone has smartphone, people can't help but take a photo of her and share it on their social media accounts.

Every time Angel Locsin does something news worthy, you can expect that 'Darna' and 'Angel Locsin' will trend simultaneously. People can't stop seeing her as the modern-day Darna, a hero personified.

Just recently, she once again dominated twitter world when she surprised everyone with a feisty and relatable reply on a post regarding Sen Koko Pimentel whom she once endorsed for candidacy way back 2007.

When asked if she regret campaigning for him, the actress said "Yes. Super. Mortal sin. Patawarin nyo po ako bilang ex husband po sya ng pinsan ko" and with that, she has now become the patron saint of repentance --  as what people on twitter would call her.

Angel Locsin continues to be the modern-day Darna we need. Amidst the pandemic that we are currently facing right now, she and her team put-up sleeping tents for health workers and right after then, she spearheaded the #UniTENTweStandPH project which aims to help overcrowding in hospitals due to COVID-19.

Crowdfunding for this project is still ongoing and if you wish to donate, you may go to www.unitentwestandph.com

Source: Mega


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