Angel Locsin trends as ‘Darna’ for her savage tweets!

Angel Locsin is known for many things, she’s a great actress, a real-life angel and Darna personified. She’s also known for being outspoken, most often than not, her opinions on various matter gains attention from people online. She can always express herself coherently and professionally but sometimes she can be the savage queen if she wanted to just like her recent tweets that made twitter world on fire!

It has been all over the news lately that Sen. Koko Pimentel tests positive of COVID-19. Unfortunately, while the protocol states that he should be staying at home, the senator went to a hospital to accompany his wife who’s supposed to give birth. This story has gained a lot of negative reaction as he might have endangered the health of the frontliners in the hospital that he’s been to as COVID-19 is very contagious, the same reason why we are currently under enhanced community quarantine.

Seems like Angel Locsin is also not so happy about what the senator did, on a tweet about this incident, the actress replied “Calling @catarambulo_com, where are youuuu?.” People on twitter seems to not expect this reply from Angel Locsin as the said tweet immediately gained thousands of likes and retweets!

On the same thread, a netizen ask the actress if she regret campaigning for him way back 2007 and without hesitations, the actress said it was a mortal sin then went on to apologize for doing so "Yes. Super. Mortal sin. Patawarin nyo po ako bilang ex-husband po siya ng pinsan ko."

When someone posted a photo of them two which was used as a campign material, the actress replied “Eww” and that three letter word immediately become a trend as it garners more than 70K likes on twitter!

Because of these feisty and savage replies, Angel Locsin trends as ‘Darna’ as people call her the real-life Darna for being fearless, feisty and savage.

This is not the first time that the actress trend as ‘Darna’ on social media. In fact, ‘Darna’ and ‘Angel Locsin’ always trend simultaneously whenever she has done something like what a real hero would do.



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