A netizen who was inspired by Angel Locsin, stepped out and helped street children. Here’s what Angel told her.

Angel Locsin proves time and again that not all superheroes wear capes. Dubbed as real-life Darna, she doesn’t need no mutant powers to be the superhero she already is.

Now that the country is faced with an invisible viral enemy, the COVID-19 that is also affecting the entire world with no exemption, the actress Angel Locsin joins the fight against this pandemic, been out in force on social media sharing some tips for helping to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Not only that, she is also taking an initiative to provide aid to the frontline warriors by donating masks and other medical protective gears as well as beds, pillows, temporary accommodation and other necessities that will alleviate the lives of our COVID-19 front liners.

But more than the money or the tangible goods she shares or her presence that gives hope and joy to people in need, the positive influence of her deeds that inspires others to do the same is what makes a great impact.

A small act of kindness can go a long way they say just like how this netizen and her husband got inspired and helped out too in their own little way.

“My husband asked me,hindi raw ba nauubos pera mo kase lahat ng sakuna tumutulong ka,i know immune kana sa papuri so i stepped out earlier to give some help sa street children na walang makain,that way i can replicate your good deeds,sarap sa feeling to help even in a small way,” she said.

Angel noticed the tweet and replied, “That’s very nice of you  pero mas better po kung hindi po kayo lalabas ng bahay hanggat maaari.”

She’s heaven sent! May you inspire more people to lend a hand, Angel. God speed!

Source: Twitter


  1. I salute you Angel. You're such an angel from heaven. Keep it up! Keep safe always.

  2. Thank you ,, Miss Angel for being a kind person,, ,you are inspiration ng nkakarami.. at isa na po ako dun..


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