"What can you say about Angel Locsin, the real Darna?"

Everybody knows Darna, a superhero that was once written in Komiks created by Mars Ravelo that came to life in the big screen and on TV.

Way back 2005, Angel Locsin was tapped to play the role after the success of the TV series Mulawin where she played one of the lead roles.

Angel Locsin's portrayal as Darna made history on national TV. Its pilot episode garnered a 47.1% rating according to the data gathered by market research company AGB, making it one of the highest rated pilot episode ever in Philippine television. During the fourth episode, Locsin's Darna portrayal made TV history and garnered 52.1% overnight ratings according to AGB, one of the highest TV ratings in the Philippines of all time.

Angel Locsin's association with Darna did not stop after her portrayal. The actress was oftentimes called Darna because of the causes she support and her humanitarian efforts.

She's always one of the first ones to make a move and mobilize people through social media at times of calamities, man made or  natural. Her bodies of work both onscreen and off screen is commendable that people derive inspiration from it.

People also love to discuss her humanitarian efforts just like in Ms. Gay Fresh 2020 where Angel Locsin became the center of their Question and Answer portion, One candidate was asked "What can you say about Angel Locsin, the real Darna?." The candidate gracefully answered "I believe that Angel Locsin is one of the good example of empowered women because I believe that she is showing true capability, not just the outside capability but also the inside because I believe that the physical attribute will change but the goodness of the mind and the goodness of the heart will last forever."

Angel Locsin can really be considered as a real life Angel and a real life Darna. In fact, just recently, she was hailed as one of Forbes Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy alongside business tycoons who are committed to solving some of the most pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific .

She is a superhero personified because just like what heroes do, Angel Locsin always goes above and beyond to help others who are in need!

Source: Twitter


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