‘Money is not everything,’ Angel Locsin tells detractor questioning her support for ABS-CBN

Angel Locsin is known to be someone who speaks her mind and fight for what she believe is right and she’s not someone who will just keep mum on things that matter. In the last two weeks, the actress has been proactively expressing her support to her network, ABS-CBN and its pending franchise renewal.

Because of the support she’s showing for the network, detractors are now targeting her and maligning her intentions for speaking up. In a post the actress made on her Instagram account, Angel Locsin made time to explain all the accusations about her that she has been reading online “I saw some posts and been reading accusations that were thrown at me for speaking up for what I think is right”

“Just to clear things up, 1) I am not part of any political party, nor representing any politician.” the actress wrote.

The actress reiterated that she doesn’t have an existing contract with the network and they have no control with whatever she posts “I do not have an existing contract with ABS-CBN. Therefore, the company has no control on whatever I want to post.”

Angel Locsin also addressed questions in regards to her investment with ABS-CBN as one of the top owners of Subscribed shares. According to the actress, money is not everything and any income that will be derived from the investment will be donated to charity. This is in response to Ms. Vivian Velez’ post on facebook who single out Angel Locsin among all other stock holders.

“Sorry to disappoint some people, but money is not everything. Hindi ko ho alam kung anong intention ni Ms. Vivian sa kanyang post, pero kung ito po ang gagamitin to discredit my name and what I stand for, hindi nyo po kailangang gawing issue. Kapag kumita po ang aking maliit na investment sa ABS-CBN, I WILL DONATE EVERYTHING TO CHARITY. Accounted.
Again, money is not everything. (For your knowledge, Maliit lang po ito. As in.” The actress explained that the subscribed shares under her name is a privilege offered by the company to some of their employees in installment plan depending on the agreed terms, and on her case, it is payable for 5 years. “It’s a privilege offer of the company to some of their employees in installment plan. Mine is payable for 5 years. Wala pa po sa half ang nabayad ko kaya sa understanding ko, HINDI KO PA PO PAGMAMAY-ARI ANG STOCKS na yun.)”

Addressing her followers and detractors alike, Locsin ended: “Nirerespeto ko ho ang opinyon ng lahat. Alam ko na magkakaiba man ng paraan, lahat naman tayo prayoridad ang kapakanan ng mga manggagawa. Yun naman po ang importante. “

Source: ABS-CBN


  1. I rarely make comments but this time around, i think it's worth sending message to my idol Angel Locsin...im 54 y.o. currently a lecturer in Russian Language in one of the most prestigious university in the Philippines, i myself spent sometime working for ABS-CBn subsidiary company way back in 1993-1995 in Rada st Makati, maybe you are familiar with Video Post Manila where one of the big bos is Gabby Lopez...though im pro-ABS shutdown., i am quite hesitant..i still go for my IDOL Angel Locsin's stand...i love her as her fan...well...nasasaktan ako kapag inaapi idol ko un lang...Kuya Noli...an alumni of USSR in Moscow..Art School (Stroganov)...teaching Russian in UP Diliman and NEU...


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